Ten of the Best Household Storage Hacks

Have you ever heard anyone complain about a house having too much storage space? Of course not. That’s impossible.

Storage space is one of the top features home buyers look for when it comes to shopping for houses. We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, whether it’s kids toys, expired boxes of Rice-A-Roni or, in my case, roughly one million DVDs.

It’s hard to part ways with the things we love (who knows when you might suddenly have the urge to watch The Last of the Mohicans). So, what’s the solution? Better home storage, of course.

In this article we’ll cover ten of the best hacks–big and small–that will help you improve your home storage and organization.

1. Storage seating

If you need extra seating in your home office or entry way, why not go with something that includes storage space? Storage benches are increasingly popular and can be a good place to put your gloves and scarves in the winter time.

2. Roll your clothes

The next time you do laundry, try rolling up your shirts and pants and stack the rolls vertically. It will help you fit a lot more in one drawer and you’ll be able to grab your favorites without digging through a pile of folded laundry.

3. Make dividers for your clothing drawers

Is your underwear drawer an amalgamation of every different type of sock and underwear? Use makeshift dividers (cardboard or plastic will do) inside your drawers to keep things grouped the way you want.

4. Flip down desk

Instead of taking up floor space for the desk that you use once a month, install a fold down desk onto your wall and store the chair in the closet. It will open up the floor of the room.

5. Vertical storage solutions

Look around the room you’re in. See all that empty air up near the ceiling? If you’re really pressed for space, try incorporating vertical storage solutions in your closets and bathroom.

6. Magnets

You’ve probably seen those cool magnetic knife holders on the Food Network and thought, “I need this in my life.” But I bet you’ve never thought about using one for your tweezers or toothbrush. Placing a magnetic strip in your bathroom cabinet will free up space and allow for easy access to all of your bathroom utensils. Plus you can finally rest assured that no one else’s toothbrush touched yours.

7. Bed storage

Some beds pop up to allow storage underneath. Others include built-in drawers under the mattress. If a new bed frame isn’t in your budget right now, opt for storage bins as slim as you need to fit things like extra blankets and off-season clothing under the bed.

8. Hanging up your bicycles

Whether it’s in your huge garage or in your tiny studio apartment, you’ve probably lamented the amount of space bicycles take up. Bike hangers allow you to store your bikes vertically taking up significantly less room.

9. Slide out pantry

Slide out pantries allow you to store a lot more and bring all your food within reach. That means you have no more excuses to be finding cans of tuna fish from five years ago.

10. Cord organizers

The best way to organize cords is to eliminate them. Wireless controllers, speakers and headphones are now all quite affordable. But for things like cell phone chargers, there are several gadgets you can buy to keep your cords separated and tucked out of sight.


What Millennials Love About New England

Popular places like Martha’s Vineyard may make people think that New England is mainly a prime spot for baby boomers. As much as New England offers baby boomers, it’s known for being a great place to live among millennials. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) makes commuting to and from school, work or entertainment areas convenient. You can take the subway or train around Boston and its surrounding areas using MBTA. Amtrak provides transportation as far as New York, Washington, DC and beyond.

There are also several roadways and routes that you can take to get around the region. These roadways and public transportation options lead to great schools, arts,entertainment, sporting events and getaways that millennials appreciate. See how many New England hot spots or top happenings you’re familiar with.

Great colleges and universities -Boston College, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University,Dartmouth College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),University of Connecticut, Amherst College and Smith College are just a few of the top post secondary schools in New England. There are hundreds of majors that millennials could pursue at these schools.

Arts and Entertainment – In New England, there are nightclubs for the under 21 crowd. There’s also plenty of nightlife for young adults who are closer to 30. Rise, Improv Asylum and Bleacher Bar are examples of popular nightclubs frequented by millennials under the age of 21. House of Blues, Royale and The Estate are types of clubs that attract millennials older than 21. Street festivals and arts fairs showcase local talent. You don’t have to be a part of the club scene to have a good time in New England.

Businesses – Gillette, Reebok, Fidelity and Dunkin Donuts all started in New England. Major cities in the region host companies like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, the Boston Globe, Beacon Hill Staffing Group and Edward Jones. Additionally, Comcast, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, HubSpot, MassMutual Financial Group, Seaport Companies and VA Boston Healthcare System have offices in New England.

Politics – Since the American Revolution, New Englanders have been at the front of local, regional and national politics. Whether young adults start getting involved in the political spectrum via community service or by completing internships with area politicians, opportunities to influence laws impacting the region and nation abound.

Beaches – Cape Cod, Plum Island,Revere, Martha’s Vineyard are just a few of the beaches that millennials living in New England swim, play and surf at. Because shopping, dining and entertainment are at these spots, it’s easy and convenient to spend a day or more close to the beach.

Sports – Collegiate, minor teams and professional sports are big in New England. The University of Connecticut’s basketball teams have dominated collegiate sports for years. The Boston Blades,Hartford Whalers and New England Black Wolves are minor teams that millennials can enjoy watching compete or even tryout for or join. At the professional sports level, there are the New England Patriots, Connecticut Sun, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox.

Food – It may be hard to find better lobster, beer, oysters, coffee milk, corned beef hash and clams anywhere else. Whether you order a sit down or carryout meal, you’ll love the region’s savory cuisines, snacks and drinks.

To truly enjoy New England, you have to spend time in the region. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit or move to the area. You’re bound to find something that to love.